Albert brings wide-ranging expertise and the ability to navigate design problems which require unconventional solutions to his work at WJW, offering a nimble, atypical approach that allows each project to be truly suited for its purpose, site and end user.

Albert’s perspective on design is informed not only by his work and training as an architect but by a background in real estate sales and development, as well as training in Sociology. Since arriving at WJW in 2011, he has used those insights to forecast the implications of design decisions, cultivating project success, and creating designs that prioritize the human experience.


Adaptive reuse and revitalization; affordable senior housing; historic renovation and reuse; public spaces and the urban environment; real estate sales and the development process; 3D Visualization and concept design.

Key Focus

Creating spaces that are robustly human at every scale, dignifying people of all colors and placing the user’s well-being first.

Research Interests

The ways in which architecture, of all scales, can both help to foster new identity, as well as itself be engendered with the collective identity. Albert’s master’s thesis investigated how Detroit’s music and cultural consciousness could be translated into an urban plan and leveraged as a catalyst for socio-economic revitalization.

Passionate About

Photography — Albert built his own darkroom in high school and dreamed of becoming a photojournalist; photography’s marriage of technical expertise and artistic skill still inform his work as an architect. He’s also drawn to food and drink, and the ways in which both illuminate cultures around the world.

Architecture is not about the buildings or the drawings, but the ‘dark matter’ -- the unseeable harmonies between the people and the building itself.  As the architect, we are powerful in that we can persuade those harmonies for healthier communities, and cultivate an enriched vitality.

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