Alexandra, a 2021 addition to the WJW team, brings strong research skills and a passion for exploring new ways to communicate ideas. Her diverse background in sociology, studio art, and architecture lends a multifaceted perspective to our projects and uncovers novel approaches to problems.


Expertise in accessible dwellings and sustainability research with a multifaceted background in sociology, studio art, and architecture.

Key Focus

Investigating multidisciplinary approaches and methods for increasing shared resources in order to generate new ideas about how we live and to establish new social pathways and networks.

Research Interests

Housing and urbanism; ways in which architecture can challenge existing norms and provide insight into new ways of living and thriving.

Passionate About

Obtaining and imparting education in a variety of capacities, ranging from large-scale design concepts to recipe and technique sharing; playing music and creating art through different mediums. Alexandra also likes to spend her free time cooking and doing projects that give her a break from screen-time.

As designers, builders, and most importantly problem solvers, I think of architects as guides who articulate new ways of living in the world. They are the missing piece in a puzzle that contributes to the realization of an impactful idea.

Recent News

Recent News

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