Andrew Dolder


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Andrew brings insight and knowledge to the interplay between a building’s exterior and interior architecture.

He often incorporates unexpected details to complement and accentuate a space, creating functional environments with strong character and individual narratives.


Studying industry trends to develop and execute designs for new projects and applying the technical skills to reinforce design concepts. 

Key Focus

Andrew strives for welcoming, comfortable designs. He creates a blend of traditional and contemporary influences to work across boundaries, integrating the design of objects, furniture, interiors, buildings and landscapes.

Research Interests

The latest in products, materials and finishes, informing a fresh eye and innovative approach to create creative, affordable, sophisticated palettes. 

Passionate About

Since his favorite place is along the lake (third coast is the best coast!), Andrew is passionate about protecting our Great Lakes from the tremendous risks they currently face, such as invasive species, pollution, and failing water infrastructure.

Being a graduate of the Rural Studio — Sambo Mockbee said it best: ‘Everyone, rich or poor, deserves a shelter for the soul.’

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