David’s focus at WJW leans heavily on his knowledge of engineering, building structure and design.

A WJW team member since 2013, he uses his engineering experience to hone the design process, allowing him to problem solve and offer specific, creative solutions that positively impact both the design and end-user. David’s flexible, collegial approach ensures that clients are well-informed and included in decision-making at each step of a project.

His drive to find efficient ways to create unique, inspiring buildings allows end-users to inhabit spaces they can be proud of. 


Structural engineering.

Key Focus

Bringing clear, honest communication to each collaboration.

Research Interests

Structural engineering; implications of building structure and design; psychological effects of society, religion on the individual and individual decision making; macro and micro economics; computer science and programming.

Passionate About

Competing in triathlons, continuing education in psychology, economics and computer programming; volunteering; travel; reading.

I work hard to create spaces for people that are safe and healthy, spaces they will be proud to live in and that will provide a source of encouragement in their lives.

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