Jacquie loves connecting with clients and residents and being given the opportunity to design a building at all levels.

Her background in interior design allows her to approach the built environment from a fresh perspective, knowing that all of the little decisions add up to something that can really improve someone's quality of life.


Interior design, biophilic design in the built environment; Jacquie believes that these two elements, when carefully considered at the beginning of a project, improve the overall architecture and create an environment that most people feel proud to call home.

Key Focus

Jacquie’s main focus always remains on improving people's lives through the built environment.

Research Interests

Biophilia, interior design, empowering women and girls in architecture and engineering, activism through the built environment, community engagement through volunteerism, the connection between food and architecture (food deserts and access), designing for those with dementia, designing for the neurodiverse community, and universal design.

Passionate About

Jacquie and her husband are avid gardeners who donate part of their harvest to a local food pantry and volunteer with veterans in a WJW-installed garden. With a strong belief in the need for access to healthy, local food, Jacquie also volunteers at Marillac St. Vincent Family Services, a community center, food pantry and another WJW project. In addition, she makes time to work with kids, especially girls, to help them develop an interest in STEM work. This interest has led her to volunteer with the AIA and CPS in engineering workshops, and with high schoolers in the Territories organization. 

Everyone deserves to live in a place where they feel safe and comfortable, where they have a sense of pride and ownership. All of those elements add up to dignity. At our firm, the end user is who we care about most.

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