Linda is a people person through and through.

Her deep compassion for others allows her to look out for and anticipate their needs while establishing effective communication with her colleagues. As the firm’s receptionist, she has been welcoming visitors and helping to keep life at WJW moving forward since 2014.


Client relations; team support; organization and maintenance of the firm’s Interior Library; WJW's unofficial Director of First Impressions. 

Key Focus

A natural communicator and facilitator, Linda’s focus has always been connecting with individuals and the beauty of the world around us. 

Passionate About

Showing others a new way to appreciate space, nature and design, which she has done as a volunteer at Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio; Linda is also a ceramic artist who has shown her work both locally and nationally; a martial artist and tai chi apprentice and an avid cook. 

Being able to support our staff at WJW — who are not only talented but caring individuals — in their creation of thoughtful spaces to support others, allows me to contribute to the betterment of the world in some small way.

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