WJW participates in ZeroLandfill 2018 Fall Event

Earlier this week, WJW was able to donate old samples and supplies in an environmentally-friendly way by participating in the material drive for ZeroLandfill’s 2018 Fall Event.

ZeroLandfill Chicago is a volunteer-run organization that diverts material samples from the landfill and supports the supply needs of local educators and community artisans. Each spring and fall, they collect a variety of expired or overflow non-hazardous architectural and interior design samples such as carpet, paint, laminate, vinyl, rubber, fabric, tile, wall coverings, glass, wood, mat board, foam core, binders, sample books, and more! 

ZeroLandfill Chicago has teamed up with Envision Unlimited Westtown Center for this event, whose mission statement is “…to provide persons with disabilities or other special needs quality services which promote choice, independence and community integration.” Envision clients are on hand and able to help out during the materials drop off process.

WJW is proud to support not only one but two great organizations with missions that reflect the firm’s own commitment to environmental sustainability and the empowerment of others.

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