Broadview Senior Apartments

Broadview, Illinois

Green-certified and affordable homes for seniors of Broadview

Roughly a decade in the making, Broadview Senior Apartments is a new construction three-story development serving seniors in the village of Broadview, Illinois. Community leaders in Broadview had identified a critical housing need for local seniors and veterans who were long-time residents looking for an affordable option that would allow them to remain in the neighborhood they call home. The development provides affordable housing for seniors with incomes at or below 60% AMI.

Featuring a mix of seventy one- and two-bedroom apartments, the building has earned NGBS Bronze Certification and qualified for a ComEd Energy Efficiency grant. To provide a long-term, healthy and sustainable environment, the plans incorporated high-efficiency heating and cooling systems and advanced air-sealing techniques throughout the building envelope to minimize air leakage and reduce heating and cooling costs. There are water-conserving plumbing fixtures throughout and the beautifully landscaped recreation areas featuring plantings that require little irrigation.

Residents have a shared community room, library, and laundry room on-site. The community room features large windows with views of and direct access to the landscaped recreation space outside. The residents can take in some sunshine on the patio, or stroll on the walking path.

The exterior of the building features an elegant palette of terra cotta, silver-gray, and bright white colors with a handsome extended entry canopy that provides shade while still inviting plenty of natural light inside. Indoors, vibrant common spaces lead to spacious corridors with brightly painted accent walls to make for an inviting residential environment.

Many seniors today prefer the concept of “aging in place” - that is, living independently in a comfortable home in the community they’re invested in. Broadview Senior Apartments provides just that sort of home to its local community, and a beautiful one at that.