A 2022 addition to the WJW team, Clayton believes a successful project is achieved through careful attention to detail in all stages of the development process. He is dedicated to high quality design that inspires and strengthens its users to reach their goals.


Clayton’s experience lies at the crossover between architectural design and real estate, including principles on property evaluation, financial modeling, and prospective markets analysis.

Key Focus

Blending traditional architectural styles with contemporary building methods in unique and cost-effective ways.

Research Interests

Mixed-use and affordable housing; hospitality; sustainable design; adaptive reuse.

Passionate About

Experiencing firsthand how the built environment impacts our health, habits, and happiness; traveling (both near and far); boating; swimming; geocaching; drinking craft beer; listening to Elvis.

At the root of architecture is culture; everything we build is a record of what we’ve learned and a statement of what we want to achieve.

Recent News

Recent News

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