Connor Chelmecki


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Connor’s design approach is centered on respect and empathy for clients and colleagues, as well as the end users of the environments he helps create.

A consummate team player, he employs research-informed insights to create unique and functional solutions, as well as to foster healthy, welcoming and beautiful spaces.


Synthesizing contemporary research with welcoming residential design; design for senior and memory-care communities; human-focused design with a strong intention to promote comfort and a sense of home.

Key Focus

Creating beautiful yet highly functional buildings that incorporate evidence-based design concepts in a manner that elevates future users’ quality of life.

Research Interests

Gender neutral bathrooms; effective methods to limit the spread of germs through passive and active means within senior living communities; the interaction between physical environments and adults with dementia. Connor is also working to advance firm research on design guidelines for adults with developmental disabilities.

Passionate About

Cooking (especially fermentation/pickling projects), house plants, and playing board games with friends. At WJW, Connor has helped plan several ongoing events offering family style meals, and has also been an active part of maintaining a community garden at one of WJW’s previous buildings. 

I’m obsessed with learning as much as possible within the architectural discourse on how individuals’ well-being can be shaped by well-informed design decisions. Doing our work well can foster a positive lifestyle that can greatly improve a person’s quality of life as well as the community he or she is a part of.

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