Justin strives to improve lives through thoughtful design. Justin appreciates working collaboratively to solve some of the most challenging problems we face today: affordable housing, healthcare, and senior living.


Research-based accessible design without compromise; creating architectural affordable housing that exceeds the expectations and impacts the end user.

Key Focus

Designing spaces to create functional, well-performing homes by combining creativity, experience, and collaboration. In architecture, floor plans for affordable housing are more than lines on paper; they’re promises of opportunity, shaping a world where every person finds a place to call home.

Research Interests

Designing affordable housing that is thought-provoking and does not limit itself to social norms.

Passionate About

Justin is passionate about creating community through thoughtful people-based design. Justin is also passionate about nature and being outside. You can often find him on the riverwalk, or biking along Lake Shore Drive.

During my architectural experience I have learned that architecture isn’t just about building structures; it’s about shaping futures.

Justin Totty

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Recent News

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