Lunch and Learn with Matt Matros

WJW recently welcomed successful business entrepreneur and health guru Matt Matros to the office. In our ongoing search for new sources of creativity and inspiration, Matt joined the team for a Lunch & Learn in our Food & Architecture series. Matt is the founder of the health conscious fast food restaurant chain, Protein Bar. He is experimenting the newest technology in coffee with his company Limitless High Definition Coffee & Tea.  Matt and his co-owners aim to make the cleanest, most pure cup of joe on the planet.

He chatted with us about his journey with indoor farming company, FarmedHere. Mr. Matros is no longer with FarmedHere but he explained the positives of indoor to greenhouse farming. He believes it is just a matter of time as technology increases (particularly advancements with LED lighting efficiency) before this process becomes more profitable and eventually more widespread. Take a peek at what we discussed by clicking here.


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