Heidi participates as Panelist at 2023 Illinois Affordable Housing Forum

Heidi participated in the “All-in for All-Electric Building” session as a Panelist on March 16th as part of the 2023 Illinois Affordable Housing Forum hosted by the Illinois Housing Council.

Covering recent policy changes at the state and federal level that promote energy efficient buildings, the panel featured in-depth case studies of recent and ongoing affordable multifamily developments from project partners that addressed design strategies for new construction and major renovation, cost and constructability considerations, development finance approaches including rebates, credits and utility allowances, additional resources and further research.

Heidi was joined by fellow Panelists Jose Duarte of Blackwood Group, A.J. Patton of 548 Enterprise, and Claudia Rodriguez of Preservation for Affordable Housing, with Moderator Dan Moring of Slipstream.

WJW continues to be a proud longtime IHC member and was pleased to be a sponsor for this year’s conference! It was a great two days of connection, discussion, and advocacy for affordable housing in Illinois.

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