Territory NFP visits WJW!

A group of about 20 young people from the Territory Urban Design Team in Uptown program made a recent visit to the WJW office. After some brief introductions and a tour of the office, the group split off to two separate meeting areas to present their designs for the next round of Territory design-build workshops that will continue into the fall. Members of WJW’s Volunteer Committee served as guest critics and design mentors for the students.

The youth also had the opportunity to meet and chat with Alderman Michelle Harris from Chicago's 8th Ward, who happened to be at WJW for another meeting at the same time!

Territory NFP is a not-for-profit apprenticeship program that works as an incubator for designing and testing activities to help young people build urban design skills. WJW is a Hands-On Sponsor of Territory, and staff members of WJW have been working closely with Territory NFP as part of their summer programming. Through hands-on acts of civic engagement, Territory NFP’s design teams are re-imagining Chicago as a city that works for young people. WJW is proud to help support this group and their mission!






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