Alexandra volunteers with Architects In Schools

Before another school year wrapped up for the summer, Alexandra participated in the Architects in Schools program, working with students to introduce them to architecture and design.

An AIA Chicago initiative, Architects in Schools focuses on bringing architecture professionals into classrooms to introduce middle school students to the field of architecture, and to discuss the broader theme of architecture as change-maker.

Volunteers engage the students in critically analyzing their neighborhood for opportunities to create positive change and utilizing architecture as a means for implementing solutions — demonstrating the flexibility and power of design, and imparting students with the confidence to be agents of change.

“It was fun to see the students’ relationship to architecture and design develop over the course of 7-8 weeks. The first few weeks they had very little interest or understanding of what architecture can be, and as the weeks progressed, more and more of them shared stories of helping their parents with home building projects, or how they planned to decorate or lay out their bedrooms differently and some even decided they might want to pursue architecture when they’re older, which was a fun shift to see! Design education isn’t always very accessible, so it is nice to bring up a new generation of students that care and think critically about design and how it can help provide new avenues for them and their own communities." - Alexandra

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