Todd presents at 2019 Illinois Governor’s Conference on Affordable Housing

Representing WJW as a featured panelist, Todd presented in the Adaptive Reuse for Revitalization session at this year’s Illinois Governor’s Conference on Affordable Housing.

Moderated by Alan Quick of IHDA, the panel focused on how adaptive reuse developments can be repurposed for housing to revitalize communities.

Many communities are burdened with dilapidated or underutilized existing buildings that are a drain on municipal coffers and a blight on the surrounding area. These may include hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, or schools (such as WJW project The Jackson Renaissance in Davenport, Iowa; a 48-unit independent seniors’ apartment converted from a historic school building that was originally built in 1893). These adaptive reuse developments have many unique challenges, but when completed successfully, they have ripple effects in local communities that go far beyond just the provision of housing. They can knit neighborhoods back together, provide a link to the past, and help revitalize downtowns or other commercial areas.

WJW is proud of our work in the repurposing of many such buildings in communities across the Midwest.

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