Action item block used to direct users to a new page, open up a file in a new window, or submit a form.


Buttons should be used to call attention to important links or action items. They should be used sparingly throughout the design so they maintain their hierarchical meaning.


StyleThere are two styles for your theme solid and outline. The outline button is the primary/default style and the solid button should be used as a secondary style.
Color SettingsEach button style can be customized to have a different background color and text color. Outline buttons will use the background color setting for their border color. The default style features a red background color for both outlined buttons and solid buttons and then black text for outline buttons and white text for solid buttons. Note, when changing colors be careful not to select colors that are hard to read such as white text on a gray background.
Border RadiusBy default, the buttons for this theme do not have a border-radius. You can add a radius, up to 50px, however, the design does not feature rounded buttons.
Link SettingsYou can choose to open the link in a new window.