Layout blocks to control the flow of your page.





The grid blocks should only be used on pages. All post types - work posts, staff posts, career posts, and news posts - are built using a standard template and do not need layout support.


Container BackgroundSet the background color - solid or gradient - of the container.
Container SpacingSet the top and bottom offset size. This will push the elements inside of the container away from the content above and below it. The default is 16px.
Grid AlignmentSet how you want the grid items to line up. By default, they align to the top.
Grid FlowSet the flow of the content. By default the content displays from left to right, but in some cases, you may want the content to display right to left or flipped on mobile.
Column ResponsiveSelect if you want the columns to be responsive and change width based on the user's viewport.
Column WidthsSet the number of columns you want an individual element to span. There are 12 columns per row. Elements will appear to the left of each other until the total column-span exceeds 12 and then they will wrap to the next line.
Column VisibilitySet the visibility of the column. By default a column appears on all viewport widths, however you can choose to hide it for specific sizes.