Create ordered or unordered lists on posts or pages.


Unordered List

  • List Item Text
  • List Item Text
  • List Item Text
    • List Item Text Child

Ordered List

  1. List Item Text
  2. List Item Text
  3. List Item Text
    1. List Item Text Child


The list block should be used on posts or pages to create lists of information that are related. Typically, an ordered list should be used when the items need to appear in order and an unordered list should be used when the order does not matter.


StyleSelect either an ordered list or an ordered list.
SublistIndent list items to create sublists.
Text StylesStandard paragraph text styles can be used.
Ordered List StylesThe ordered list block allows you to set the starting numerical value as well as the sort order. You can sort by ascending or descending numerical values.