Picture element that can be used in posts or pages.


prairie trails homes
Image caption can be added and will be displayed below the photo.


Images should be used on pages or posts when you need to break up large amounts of text.


AlignmentImages can be aligned to the left, right, or center. They can also be set to wide alignment which means they will fill the entire container or column they are placed in. Or lastly, they can be set to align full which will fill the entire screen's viewport.
SizeSet the size of your image. By default, the image will be set to large. In most cases, this is the best size. Only change the size of the photo if you know the dimensions you want it displayed in.
StyleThis is not being used in your theme. All images will appear square.
Alt. TextAdd a descriptive line of text so users with screen readers know what the photo is showing.
CaptionAdd an optional caption that will appear directly below the photo on the page or post.