East Bluff Homes named Finalist in AHF 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards

WJW is pleased to announce that East Bluff Homes has been named a finalist in the Affordable Housing Finance 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards!

Chosen from 145 entries, the project represents one of 36 project finalists in a nationwide competition! All were selected based on their ability to provide affordable housing, revitalize communities, and promote education, health care, and well-being.

WJW is proud to be a partner on this much-needed project, bringing high-quality affordable and sustainable housing to families in Peoria’s East Bluff neighborhood. East Bluff Homes was named one of four finalists in the category of Best Family Development, and may also be selected as Best Overall Development.

Voting is now open to all AHF magazine and newsletter subscribers through August 18th!   

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