Highland Villas

Highland, IL

An independent-living neighborhood, designed with small-town style

Nestled in the small, southern Illinois town of Highland, Highland Villas is a senior living community filled with one- and two-bedroom villas and the vibrant seniors who inhabit them. WJW’s creative approach to the site and building design created 48 individual townhomes and ample gathering space, establishing a thriving neighborhood within easy reach of the town’s downtown area.

Funded through IHDA LIHTC tax credits and thoughtfully designed to feature vaulted ceilings, low-maintenance finishes and sustainability best practices, each villa offers the comforts of home within the security of a community. Most notably, residents are treated to personal entrances and front porches, allowing them to decorate, host and visit with neighbors — preserving the small-town feel while fostering independence and personalization.

When residents choose to venture out from their private townhomes, socialization is available both inside and outside the development. Interior gathering spaces designed for group activities within the community building, walking paths connecting the units, a looped path for recreation, a communal garden and plenty of outdoor leisure space all work in concert to create ample opportunity for fellowship among residents and visitors alike. Of course, the beloved Highland downtown area sits nearby, allowing occupants of this colorful town access to shopping, dining and more.

Thanks to a focus on accessibility and affordability, WJW is proud to have created an opportunity for Highland residents to remain in the town to which they’ve contributed for many years. With focus on connection and comfort, residents of this facility are empowered to retain their individuality while still fostering continuity and community.