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A partner at WJW since 2003, Mike has spent much of his 30-year plus career in architecture developing expertise in the design of housing and mixed-use developments, focusing largely on urban settings with challenging site constraints and projects involving adaptive reuse. 

Grounded in the nuances and financial challenges of development and construction, Mike brings to each project an ability to envision solutions and opportunities from the early stages of development. His insights and practical approach create efficiencies that foster project success and allow his designs to reach communities for whom access to exceptional architecture is often lacking. Throughout his career, Mike has worked to design buildings that exceed expectations or preconceptions, delivering built environments that meet the needs of client and end user in ways they could never have imagined.


Housing and mixed used development, planning and design; adaptive reuse; urban infill site planning; fluent in zoning and land use entitlement processes. 

Key Focus

Designing inspiring, life-enhancing and cost-effective buildings; in particular, employing design approaches that allow good design to influence the lives of as many people as possible.

Research Interests

Exploring new materials, methods and design methodologies which can yield greater efficiency and better designs for living.

Passionate About

The simple things that really matter: family, faith and Nebraska Football, as well as a love of history and a focus on the environment. A lifelong gardener, Mike has grown a food garden every year since he was four, and pursues interests in tennis, baseball and bicycling.  He also has fostered (and overfed) a variety of pets, from dogs to fish to lizards.

I believe we’re obligated to use our talents to leave the world in a better place than where we first met it. I use architecture to make my impact — accomplish something that is greater than yourself.

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