Hope Manor Joliet

Joliet, IL

Fostering the resident community and the larger neighborhood of Joliet

Third in the series of the Hope Manor projects by WJW, Hope Manor Joliet was previously part of a large hospital campus in a challenging site that sloped 20 ft from one end to the other. In addition to configuring this project as one of the first large-scale, supportive housing developments in the country for veterans with families, WJW’s design for the buildings incorporated traditional materials, scale and styles in response to the Joliet streetscape — a vital element in ensuring that the structure becomes a larger part of the intrinsic community. 

The design incorporates a campus-style community that provides a flexible continuum of housing with the buildings appropriately scaled to their locations both within the development and the surrounding residential neighborhood. Supportive housing for individual Veterans and Veterans with families is configured in a unique combination of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments spread across multiple 3-story buildings organized around a central park, housing and supportive services for 67 Veteran-headed households.

In addition to encouraging community life through common areas and resources for the residents, the buildings were designed to utilize design techniques to reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution and improve indoor air quality — a sustainability approach that focuses not only on ecological concerns but on occupant health and comfort and reduced cost to residents.

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