Michelle Sablack


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Michelle’s design philosophy and practice are firmly rooted in a person-centered approach.

Detail-oriented and mission-driven, she maintains a strong focus on delivering positive, healthy, and supportive physical environments for end-users. A WJW team member since 2011, Michelle is an exceptional project manager who helps lead project teams in creating work that thoughtfully and compassionately considers end-user experiences and prioritizes the people who will inhabit the spaces she designs.


Affordable family and senior housing; memory care; market-rate/mixed use; and supportive living for individuals with disabilities.

Key Focus

The built environment’s impact on physical, mental, and social well-being. 

Research Interests

The link between health and housing; designing for individuals with developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Passionate About

Housing as a basic human right; working to end homelessness through her volunteerism on the Board of Directors for Renaissance Social Services; traveling; running along Chicago's beautiful lakeshore; spending time with family and friends, and more simply...curling up with a good book, her cat, and a cup of coffee on her balcony.

As Architects, we have the ability to shape the environment in more ways than just form or function. One of my core values is that thoughtfully-designed, healthy, and sustainable buildings should be physically, socially, and economically accessible to all.

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